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Giving local communities the tools and empowerment to be fully responsible for their own food and seeds, from household to bioregion.

Workshop Description:

In this interactive workshop, Robina uses her powerful community facilitation methods to enable the goal of community scale food resilience for an entire bioregion to be realised. Participants will leave with a rich toolkit of supportive resources to use with their communities and organisations.

As well as assessing and strengthening whats vitally alive locally, we will identify potential new projects worthwhile investing energy in.
Activities include: building co-operation amongst food systems players, creating local seasonal calendars, establishing a bioregional food resource inventory, strategising food security action plans and generating local food economies.


Localising Food Project Workshops




Robina Powerpoint


Robina sharing powerpoint



Bioregional Model complete


Bioregional Model Process


Community Food Sovereignty interactive process



Bioregional Model Activity


Bioregion Area Map


Food Sovereignty Mandala Activity


Seasonal Calendar Viewing


Palmerston North

Completed Food Sovereignty Mandala Activity



Interactive Bioregional Model


Nature Centerpiece with Seasonal Calendars


Taranaki-New Plymouth

Local Food Systems Players activity


Our Local Food Vision Brainstorm


Viewing Nature's Seasonal Calendars2



Crops & Distribution Asset Base brainstorm chart


Farm Biodiversity Design


Final Vision Statement Opunake



Bioregional Model activity


Community Food Mandala in action

Food Systems Players activity completed


Food Systems Players activity in action



12 Steps to Neighbourhood Food Resilience

Community Food Mandala activity 

Completed Segment of Community Food Mandala1

Completed Segment of Community Food Mandala2


Robina teaching Wanganui Food Resil Wksp

Whanganui   Robinas Food Wksp


Whanganui Powerpoint Presentation May 23

Localising Food is a project of The Institute of Earthcare Education Aotearoa. As well as documentary production, Earthcare offers local food resilient workshops, permaculture design courses, community development consultancies and sustainability education resource materials. For further info:   www.earthcare-education.org


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