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S.O.S.- Save Our Seeds Documentary In New Zealand, over the last three years, on both on a neighbourhood and regional level, the Localising Food Project has captured dynamic video footage of inspirational models of seed swaps, seed exchanges, seed libraries, seed banks, and family seed businesses. From this material, we are making an educational documentary that teaches how to replicate these systems in your own area, and what you need to know in order to save seed, to ensure its survival for us and for the wellbeing of our children’s children. The documentary will describe the simplest to the more technical aspects of seed saving and will guide you step by step in selecting plants for seed, followed by how to harvest, process and store your seed. S.O.S. seeks to empower people to have full choice about the quality of their food, starting with the seed it comes from. You have the opportunity to play your part as seedsavers - Now!