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From heritage harvest festivals and open orchards in the deep south to temperate food forests in the north there is a grass-roots food movement that is engaging communities and seeding multi-generational solutions for our food. This documentary tells the story of community in action, creating a Edible Paradise in public spaces in every corner of Aotearoa-New Zealand.

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Includes: 'S.O.S. Save Our Seeds!' & 'Hands On Seed Saving Bundle'. + 'Growing Schools' - Full 4 Part Download; 'Awakening Gardeners' - 'Growing Gardeners' - 'Empowering Gardeners' - 'Enriching Gardeners'. + 'Edible Paradise - Growing the Food Forest Revolution'. Power to the people !

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S.O.S. Save Our Seeds! Documentary & Hands On Seed Saving Documentary Bundled together.


Dynamic video footage of inspirational models of seed swaps, seed exchanges, seed libraries, seed banks, and family seed businesses. An educational documentary that teaches how to replicate these systems in your own area, and what you need to know in order to save seed, to ensure its survival for us and for the wellbeing of our children’s children. You have the opportunity to play your part as seedsavers - Now!


Where experts from around New Zealand share how they go about growing and saving seed. They guide you step by step in how to select your best plants for seed, how to harvest, process, label and store your seed. Everything you need to embark on simple seed saving – now!

Bundle Featured


'Growing Schools' - Full 4 Part Download Includes: Awakening Gardeners - Growing Gardeners - Empowering Gardeners - Enriching Gardeners. Empowered children involved in transforming their school grounds into abundant food gardens and nature havens..


Empowering Gardeners part 4 of the Growing Schools Series – Schools as Community Food Hubs (22 mins)


Enriching Gardeners part 3 of the Growing Schools Series – Gardening at the Heart of the School Curriculum (28 mins)


Part 2 of the Growing Schools Series: Growing Gardeners - Transforming School Grounds Into Productive Learning Environments (48 mins).

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